Secondary 2 Week 22 Update

This was week one of the June school holidays, but both BB & GG had to go to school, though mostly on different days.

BB had a space camp and his Math Olympiad test. The space camp which was a one day camp at the Science Centre was not something he really enjoyed since it focused mainly on the robotics part of space travel. He is not a big fan of robotics, preferring the actual aviation related topics to that, so he did not come home impressed. He has another space camp this week, this one a two-day camp where I am guessing they will also focus on the aviation part of space travel. They are also going to have a NASA engineer to come and talk to the students, so I do know that this is something BB is looking forward to!

The Maths Olympiad test was ok, according to BB. Some of the questions were very easy and some were difficult that he could not even attempt. The other days, he just spent at home, playing on his phone and the laptop, though I did make him do some of his holiday homework and revise some concepts.

GG had English Oral exams on one day. She spent more time travelling to school and back than she did in school that day! This was because her roll number in class is one and this meant that she was out of the exam in 15 minutes! She also had choir practice for three days. Their choir is putting together a villain-themed song and dance routine to a k-pop song. The choir has become an all-girl choir now that the two boys who were there graduated. On the last day, she came home with a crepe bandage on her leg because of the excessive dancing!

This was week one, there are still three more weeks to go and I wonder how this holiday will pan out! Have a wonderful Sunday…..


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