Secondary 2 Week 24 Update

The holidays are still on and there is just a week more before school starts. They get an extra day If holidays this year because the Monday school is supposed to start is the compensation holiday for Hari Raya Puasa or the festival following the period of Ramadan. 

Both BB and GG have been at home this week and have been finishing up their school holiday homework. I’ve also been nagging them to get up on speed on the topics they’ve covered so far, but haven’t yet understood. 

GG went to a friend’s home on Friday to complete a group assignment. She was supposed to go there on Sunday, but fell sick after our holiday. This Friend is a boy and I was quite concerned that it will be just them in his house to do the project work. So while I was ok for her to go on Sunday since his parents would be at home, I was a bit hesitant in allowing her to go on a weekday. But when her Friend said his grandparents would be home, I was able to rest more easily. As it happened, not only his grandparents, but his mum was also home that day. 

People reading this may wonder why I am so paranoid, but this Friend was an unknown quantity and though I’ve met him once, I don’t really know him. On the other hand, if it were friends of the opposite sex (for either of my children) whom I’ve known for a while (like childhood and primary school friends), I would be less hesitant to let them be alone with them. 


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