Secondary 2 Week 27 Update

This week was the usual school week for the children. They went to school, had CCA and also went for tuitions. 

In school they have a subject called Food and Consumer Education (FCE). This is supposed to be a Home Economics version 2, where in addition to learning to cook, they also learn about healthy eating habits etc. GG has to do a project in this subject which has to do with fusion cuisine. Not only has it to incorporate festive food from two cultures, but it has to be fused with food from one of Singapore’s major ethinic groups (Chinese, Malay and Eurasians are the other major ethnic groups in addition to Indians). Add to the stress is that most of the food from the other ethnic groups are not vegetarian. So now I am in a bind – how do I come up with a fusion dish which can be cooked from scratch in under an hour and is vegetarian? 

Any ideas folks?


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