2017 Week 30 Update

This week was not so hectic as the previous week though I was kept busy throughout.

If you remember, sometime back, I had posted how a colleague was giving me grief and bullying me at work. In fact, I was really tempted to resign just to get away, but on Friday, i learnt that this person, in fact, had resigned! I was quite happy internally that my bully was getting away from me. That was why perhaps, the bully was quite chirpy and happy at work recently. It also means that in the last six odd months, the entire team of where I am (the department, not the organisation) has turned over. If I were management, I would definitely think about why there was such a high turnover.

I am also seriously thinking of redoing my life, especially when I get home. By the time I am home, it is dinner time and I am also quite hungry so I eat almost as soon as I reach home. Then it's either watching some videos on YouTube or read and bed. I feel I am not doing anything once I am back home and I need to figure things out.


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