2017 Week 31 Update

This was quite a boring week at work, I still have not figured out what my exact role is. The work I currently have gets finished in a matter of hours and I have to figure out what to do the rest of the day. Roles are very tightly delineated in this organisation and one does not do beyond what you have been hired to do. This is something that rankles me a lot since I love a variety and am the sort who gets bored easily doing the same work all the time. Even if it’s the same work, unless there is some variety to it, I tend to do it very mechanically and switch off from it, which is what I  see happening here if things don’t change soon. I was told there will be a

I was told there will be a reorganisation happening soon which is the result of the merger which happened, so I am hopeful (or not) of something there. If that doesn’t happen, then I guess it’s just about marking time till I am here for a decent amount of time, doing what I have to do, and then leave when a better opportunity opens up.

Later today (or rather in a couple of hours), we will leave to do the pooja for BB’s first Avani Avittam. I have blogged about this unique tambram ‘boys and men only’ festival before and since it’s the first time BB will celebrate it after his sacred thread ceremony last year, it’s a special pooja. It’s a first for me too since I don’t have any brothers and my dad’s ceremony would have happened long before I was born, I am looking forward to it. I’ll post more about it later in the week.

Have a wonderful week and to any Singaporean readers, Happy 52nd National Day to you. This National Day is also a special one to me, one that I will reveal in due course.


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