2017 Week 35 Update

This week went off quite quite fast for me and before I knew it, the weekend was here!

I had a work offsite this week which was why the week went very fast. The next few weeks are very hectic work-wise with a signature event and an office move, all happening this month!

Work has been both good and bad, and I am all the more determined that once I complete a predetermined time here, I will start looking for a new, better position. My manager sent me some ‘feedback’ which I felt could have been handled much better; maybe speaking to me first and trying to see it from my point of view. Since we’ve never had a one-on-one since I joined this organisation, three months back, this could have been a good time to sit down and speak with their feedback on how I was doing. Anyway, these are the issues which leave a bad taste in the mouth. But I have not given up completely – once the way event and move happen, let’s see if the one-on-one happens.

I will have a hectic and possibly stressed out week, but I hope you have a better one!


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