Secondary 2 Week 42 Update

School’s out for the year and it has ended with a bang for GG!

We went to GG’s school on Friday for the Meet the Parents session and learned that she came second in class again this year. Unfortunately, she was not given the lateral transfer we were looking for. We spoke to her Teachers who only had lovely things to say about her.

I wanted the transfer because the subjects offered in her stream were not the ones she wanted. She is interested in Humanities, but there were not many options in her stream. When I asked her Teachers if she could cope with a more intense stream, I was assured by almost every one of them that she had a very positive attitude to studying and could easily cope with the increased pace.

As a last resort I decided to see if I could speak to her principal to see if we could appeal for the transfer. Initially her principal was quite resistant to the idea as she had not achieved the minimum overall grade the school sets (this is higher than the grade set my the ministry of education, which was below the grade that GG had gotten). Apparently her name did come up when they discussed promotions, but for some reason she was not offered it. When I persisted, the principal cited her lower science marks as a reason for not transferring her. At that point I told him that she is not interested in science at all and is a humanities student at heart. The subjects she wanted to do (Pure humanities) was only offered at the higher level. When he heard that she wanted the transfer to do humanities, he immediately relented and called her year head and told him to prepare the letter to conditionally transfer her to the better stream! We will get the letter next week and then it’ll be official! Till then it’s all fingers and toes crossed. GG is ecstatic and is over the moon. She’s all fired up to do her favourite subjects and wants to prove to the school that they took a good decision in letting her transfer.

BB, what to say! His year end results have been very average and I am now worried that he would not get the subject combination of his choice. He does seem resigned to it, but I am still hopeful. The results come out next week and we can also appeal for a better result. Please pray for us.

This is as our eventful week this week. Happy Sunday everyone!


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