Secondary 2 Week 32 Update

This week felt very fractured, especially for the children!

Monday was the festival of Avani Avittam and since I had already secured permission for BB to miss part of the school that day, he was dropped off in school only around noon. So he was in school for just part of the day. Tuesday was the eve of National Day and so there was no lessons that day. Because BB & S went to the temple to pray and do the Gayatri Mantra, he missed school that day (again we had already taken permission and his school told us if it ends late he need not come into school because there would be no lessons). Wednesday and Thursday was holidays because of National Day and the day after for school students and it was only Friday that BB had a full day of school!

GG also had only two full days at school – Monday and Friday because of the same reasons. Yesterday her school had another streaming talk for parents and students. GG had a test in Hindi school, so only I went in to see what this was all about. A couple of days prior to this, I had an interesting discussion with one of the teachers from her school. Since I am part of the parent support group, I was able to speak to this teacher who was the school liaison person. I wanted to see if GG could do some humanities subjects at a higher level if she was not able to get a lateral transfer this year to the higher level. Since the school’s focus in in STEM subjects, unfortunately this is not possible since they don’t even have interesting humanities subjects available. So she has no choice but do the subjects available and then make sure she does well enough at her O levels so that she can enter her subject of choice for her tertiary education.

The term is coming to an end by the end of this month and then term 4 is usually a very short one since they will focus on exams during this term and then it’s the end of Secondary 2 for them. We have to exercise our stream choices sometime in October and results will be out sometime in early to mid-November. I only pray that both GG & BB get their subject choices.

This was a National Day week! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!

Secondary 2 Week 31 Update

Another week and we are one more week closer to the end of the year!

This was a sort of boring week for both children, so nothing really to update.

GG got back some of the results of her common test and she was the highest in her class for Geography but didn’t do as well as I expected in Science (which is her weakest subject).

Next week is Singapore’s National Day so a school holiday and then a half day before the holiday to celebrate the day in school. So out o f five school days, only three will be about studies!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Left or Right?


The other day while in the train, on the way to work, I came across something in the newspaper, which made me pause. It was a letter to the editor which mentioned that students who are left handed should be actually, treated as having some kind of learning disability. I was pretty intrigued by this and so decided to research it a bit more. It is also because GG is left handed and has shown very clear preference to using this hand as her dominant hand right from the time she was a little baby. I had always thought left handed people were, in fact, smarter and more creative than us normal right-handed people since the dominant side of their brain was the right side and this side of the brain fuels creativity.


I could not really find any solid evidence which links left-handedness in a person to any learning disabilities. Yes, learning disabilities affect people who are dominantly left-handed but being a leftie is in no way linked to being behind in school.


I do know that a very small percentage of the population, around 10% or so in the world is left-handed and this has remained more or less stable throughout human history, but scientists have not yet been able to figure out why that ten percent of the population turned out to be a leftie!


In my specific case, as far as I know, no one in both S and my immediate family favours the left hand, but I can’t be very clear as in previous generations, being a leftie was frowned upon and people were forced to learn to use their right hand for everyday work. When GG was found to favour her left hand more, well-meaning friends and relatives immediately told me to start training her in using her right hand more and making that her dominant hand, but something told me to hold off and I let her use her naturally dominant hand at all times.

I personally feel that being a leftie has not impacted her in any way academically. If anything, not doing so well in her PSLE results has been a real boon. She is in a slightly slower programme and is one of the top students in her cohort, is a student leader and is a very active member of her CCA.


There may be some truth in lefties being more creative; GG is very musically inclined and is forever singing and dancing at home. She also likes to draw and paint and does this most weekends. At this point in time, she is also exploring writing, so she basically ticks all boxes from a creative point of view.


Are you a leftie? What have your experiences been? I’d love to hear!

Secondary 2 Week 30 Update

This week was a very hectic week for the children, especially GG.

She started the week with common tests as well intensifying practice for the competition.

The competition was yesterday and I felt that they did better than the last year, but managed only a silver. They were happy with the silver, but I am hoping that next year, which will be GG's last year at this competition, will give them a gold!

BB also had a ranking competition for his CCA, but the results will be only declared at the end of the year when rankings are declared. His school does not have common tests this term so he is quite free.

Hindi exams are also coming and will be on their birthday, which is a real bummer for them!

Everyone is super tired today and so today will be a lazy day!

Secondary 2 Week 29 Update

Another week is over and the children are quite busy with school and CCA. Both have major competitions coming up next week and are very busy preparing for it.

GG is one of main leads for their competition segment and has been preparing quite hard. I keep hearing singing and dancing coming from her room, but she does not to share the sequence with us m, she wants it to be a surprise on the actual day.

BB's competition is a flying one, a glider flying competition if I am not wrong and he has been working on his glider since the beginning of the year. He didn't do well in this competition last year, so I hope he does better this year.

That's pretty much the updates from GG & BB this week. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!