2018 Secondary 3 Week 29 Update

GG starts her common test from tomorrow and she is very stressed about certain subjects. These are subjects she is not very strong and so struggles with them even now.

Yesterday was Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. This is a day which is celebrated every year on 21 July to commemorate the race riots of 1964. This is a day where children across schools in Singapore are encouraged to reflect on what it means to be a racially harmonious nation and how we can learn about the various races which make up Singapore’s diverse population.

I, along with other parents, volunteered at BB’s school for the celebrations. We helped with the serving of food from the various races as well as in manning stalls where traditional games from the different races were played. It was really nice seeing the students dressed up in ethnic costumes and looking lovely.

Happy Sunday folks!!


2018 Secondary 3 Week 28 Update

Another week of school and the term is heating up.

Nothing much actually happened in school this week for BB & GG and it was business as usual for the two of them.

They are super busy this term and while BB does not have common tests, GG’s school has them starting from next week. In the meantime, she is also having class tests going on.

BB took part in an intraclass debate last week and even though they were the opposition, his team won! The three boys had come home the previous day to prep for the debate and I spent a couple of hours helping them out. They now meet another class for the semis and then if they clear this round, will go into the finals! He is super enthusiastic about this debate and is thrilled they mad it to the next round, which is tomorrow.

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 27 Update

This was week two of term three of school. Both GG & BB are so tired when they come back from school, that they just crash and vegetate.

The week started with a holiday for Youth Day and so both children were at home. We managed to get the applications out for the renewal of their OCI card (not because it expired, but because their passports were renewed and being minors, they needed a new OCI card, for which we had to pay, even though this card was barely a year old!)

Earlier in the week, BB’s social studies teacher called me to speak with him since we could not meet during the parent-teacher meeting. The feedback was similar to what the other teachers mentioned. He is not consistent and needs to buck up. He manages to do well for exams but not on a day to day basis. His handwriting is very bad and when the examiner can’t understand what he is trying to say, they don’t give him the marks.

The way I look at it, BB’s temperament is more suited to a junior college environment where everything hinges on one major exam. He only studies when there is pressure, while GG is more consistent in her day-to-day work and does something daily. I feel she is more suited to the polytechnic environment as you have to be consistent from day one because the grades are calculated on a cumulative basis.

Oh, BB also had a medical check-up for his OBS camp in September and as expected, he is overweight and so he is now trying to be more conscious about his food choices.

This was our school week. Happy Sunday!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 26 Update

School started earlier this week on Monday and boy are the two happy that the weekend’s here. I am guessing it’s starting trouble after a month of chilling.

Both have an extra period daily and so this means they come home later than usual, which is adding to their stress and tiredness. BB also has to stay back one day a week this term for his Math Olympiad lessons which I understand is going to be taught by a professor from the National Institute of Education, so a teacher’s teacher!

GG will be going on a school trip in August and will miss a day of school. She is super excited about the trip and has been counting down to the days when she will fly off. The school will most likely have a briefing for the parents on the trip closer to the date. BB’s school will also go for their Outward Bound Singapore camp. The cohort will be split into two parts, with one half going in August (where the second half will have their September holidays) and the second half goes in during their September holidays.

Let’s see how this term unfolds. Have a great weekend folks!


2018 Secondary 3 Week 25 Update

School holidays end for BB & GG today and they start term 3 of Secondary 3 tomorrow.

Schools here have new timetables for the second semester and this is a chance for them to make changes depending on the class strengths and weaknesses.

BB’s school has listened to parents feedback and now has incorporated a lunch period for the days when they do not have CCA. This means his class ends around 40 minutes later each day. This does not include any supplementary lessons or extra classes like the Maths Olympiads.

GG’s timetable also has been released and the timings are pretty simple to the previous semester except on one day when she has an extra period of physical education.

The holidays have ended quite quickly and these terms will be quite short. Before we know it, it’ll be the end of the school year and the children will be in Secondary 4!