2017 Week 20 Update

We’re close to the halfway mark of this year and I suspect I am starting to get depressed with this whole job hunt business. 

This week was my usual sort of week with some errands I had to run outside the home. It actually felt good to get out and I am really yearning to start working again so I can be out and about. For someone who prefers books to people, this is surprising even to me! I think this year plus of introspection has made me even more committed to doing a great job should I be hired. Though I sometimes wonder if I will ever get hired. Wonder if it’s my age which is against me. Anyway I did promise not to bring my negativity here, so I’ll stop right here. 

School ends this week and I should really start planning a short holiday. S is busy but can spare a couple of days. So need to research places close to home. I am actually rooting for a destination in Malaysia which is a 3-4 hour driving distance away, but will look at some Indonesian islands which are a short ferry ride away too!

Have an awesome week folks and hope your week is filled with joy and happiness. 

2017 Week 19 Update

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and hope all you mums had a great time with your loved ones!

We took S’ mum and aunt out for a nice family dinner last night and it was an enjoyable evening spent chatting and spending time with family.

GG hand-made a very sweet Mothers Day card for me and was also the first one to wish me yesterday. BB, on the other hand, completely forgot about the day and only wished me after being prompted!

Other than that, the week was a usual ho-hum week, with nothing much happening. The children were at home a few days and as it is usual when they are at home, I hardly got anything done. School starts again on their regular schedule today for the next two weeks before they break for their mid-year holidays.

Have an awesome week folks!

2017 Week 18 Update

In what seems like forever, I didn’t update this space on time. Well, there’s not much to share this week that perhaps I didn’t feel the need to do this weekly update!

I had quite a few weird dreams this week, some which didn’t make any sense at all to me, one in which I dreamt of a lady I know who recently passed away (I was not thinking of her at all in the days preceding the dream, which is what makes it quite weird).

Anyway, this is a new week and may this week be better than the previous week! Enjoy your Monday (no blues I hope)…..

2017 Week 17 Update

This week marked one year of me being unemployed! I was quite down this week without really knowing why and when I realised the date, I realised the reason for my depression! I don’t know whether to carry on with this or just give in and do something else!

Over the weekend, we went to my sister-in-law’s son’s first birthday. On the morning, I messaged her to wish the little boy and also asked if she needed any help in setting up her home and decorating. She replied she had not brought anything to decorate! So anyway, it was a good time talking to some people we don’t see often, but she had not invited many people, less than 20, including family!

I don’t want to be so negative here in this space, so unless I am gainfully employed, I have decided not to write about this anymore. My life is fairly boring, being at home and every day follows the same pattern. I can go days without even heading out of the door!

I’m going to stop this sob-fest right now. Today is the first of May, so may this month bring you happiness and joy!

2017 Week 16 Update

S is back in Singapore from a week-long trip to India. While he was away, it was just us and R at home. Mornings were quite easy as there was no lunch to be prepared, so life was quite easy!

There was some issues with their tickets as S’ aunt is handicapped and had booked preferred seats for them, but since she was also a wheelchair user, the airline arbitrarily cancelled her seat. Then there was a flurry of calls between me, the airline and S in India to sort out the issue. Long story short, they gave them the front row bassinet seats and refunded the preferred seat cost.

I saw a sea of difference between the way S behaved when he was not in town. I have traveled more for work compared to S, and I behave so differently! I don’t know if this is because I am a mum and he is not, but irrespective of the place I go to, irrespective of the time difference, I make it a point to speak to the children at least once a day, usually in the morning. Earlier it used to be in the morning because the children didn’t have a smartphone and S’s schedule meant I could not speak in the evening. I remember waking up at 3:30 am just to speak to them before they leave for school and waiting late at night to speak to them. S just messaged me a couple of times, but didn’t speak to BB & GG. Is this because guys and dads are just wired differently? S said his phone connection was not very good there, so I am going to give him the benefit of doubt here.

I am come very dangerously close to one year of unemployment. I really hope I don’t go too long before I get a new position. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed and hoping for the best!

Have a wonderful week folks!