2017 Week 45 Update

Sometimes I wonder about the point of updating this space on a weekly basis when nothing happens in my life!

This was another usual boring week where the highlight was going to the library. I have started reading more in the last month, but had to scale down my reading challenge for the year so that I can actually hit it.

Yesterday, I was hit by a sudden cough which has now moved to a raging cold and a bad throat. Feeling sick and sleepy all at the same time!

Have a blessed week people!


2017 Week 44 Update

Another week where nothing happened!

This week is my father-in-law’s annual shradh. This is a ceremony we hold every year to propitiate and sate your ancestors. In my community, this is more strictly adhered to than other communities. Maybe I will do a post on this ritual one of these days.

It’s on to another week of hoping and praying all issues are resolved and things are happy!

Have a blessed week, people….

2017 Week 43 Update

The same old week. There’s literally nothing to add to last week.

With the great week we had with regards to the children doing well in school and getting the subjects of their choice, I really wanted the week to end on a high with some good news on my job search front too. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Aah well, I’ll take what happiness I get!

I am hoping this week will have some positive news for me!

Have a wonderfully blessed week everyone!!

2017 Week 42 Update

Nothing really happened this week, hence this delayed post.

I went for the first interview in ages and it was actually quite positive. It is an industry association which is just taking off and it’s a role I have done before. This is a STEM industry and that’s my biggest concern – the fact that I have zero qualification and experience in this industry. I have decided to be very upfront in interviews so I don’t get any surprises should I take up a position and this time also I shared this concern with the interviewer. Let’s see what happens, hopefully, it will be positive.

October has been a month where I was in a funk and didn’t feel like doing anything. I am glad the month is almost over and November is peeking in. I am hoping that the new month shows more promise than October!

Have a fabulous week everyone!