2018 Week 7 Update

With a long weekend just ended, it feels like a chore to get back to usual programming.

Last week, S randomly asked me a couple of times for the phone model I use. I wondered why initially and then it struck me that perhaps this was something to do with his V Day gift to me. And I was correct, S got me a phone charger case plus a much-needed cover for my old iPad as gifts.

My eye infection has still not been cured. I was getting better and so I didn’t use the medicine one day and from the next day, I eyes started swelling up and becoming red and watery, especially when I wake up in the morning. I am now waiting for the doctor’s clinic to open so I can go again, my third time in two months for this infection! Hopefully, this time will be last time I need to go and it gets resolved without many problems.

Have a wonderful week people!


2018 Week 6 Update

Another week is over and we’re inching towards the middle of February. The lunar new year is at the end of this week and Singapore is full of a festive air.

I am sort of in a limbo these days. Things that I was sure of happening didn’t come through and because of this, I am wondering what I am to do and when.

I am on a social media microblogging site which will be closed down soon according to the company which runs it. This site is mainly local with a very vibrant community and I also learnt how much influence some of the bloggers have in this sphere. When the announcement came through that the app was shutting down, people started scrambling for alternatives and when any of the bloggers with a sizeable number of followers suggested an alternative, there was a mad scramble to download the alternative and register a username. There is also one blogger who went of their way to find a solution where they drew up a pitch, started a petition and also contacted some venture capitalists and companies with the idea of securing a buyout of the app. I really hope that they manage to save the app, it’s provided me lots of fodder for my posts.


To all those who celebrate the lunar new year, here’s wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! Xīnnián hǎo, gǒunián jíxiáng!


2018 Week 5 Update

Another week has gone by and we’re now in month 2 of 2018.

January was a bit of a disappointment as I had great hopes of securing a job in this month. But the places I have been interviewing have not yet gotten back to me. I am actually wondering if I should just write these places off. Maybe I should wait for a week more before writing them off. I have decided not to follow up anymore. If they want to get back to me, they will.

I have been having some issues with my right eye for a month now. It seems to be a bacterial infection which just does not seem to go away, even after multiple visits to the doctor and the putting of eyedrops. I am going to monitor it this month and if I don’t see an improvement in the next few weeks, I am going to ask my GP for a referral to an eye specialist.

I was home pretty much the whole week and did nothing really interesting. Sometimes I wonder why I update this space each week because each week is more or less the same as the previous week!

Anyway, with the hope that this week is wonderful and productive for you, have a happy week!

2018 Week 4 Update

So how was your week?

This week I did something that I can tick off from my life bucket list; I watched a film alone in the theatre. It’s always been quite weird to think I could see a movie alone, but wanted to break free and do it anyway! The children wanted to watch Maze Runner Death Cure and when I checked, in the same theatre, there was a show for Padmavaat running around the same time. So I bought tickets for both movies and saw the movie. S could not make it as he had something on and anyway, he was not really interested in the movie.

I’ll post a more detailed movie review later in the week, but for now, after watching the movie, I just don’t get the hype and hullabaloo that had been and is continuing to happen in India over this film.

In another career related news, this week, I should hear back from two places I had gone for an interview earlier in the month. They had told me they will get back to me by the end of the month, so that’s now. Let’s see if something comes up from either of these.

Have a wonderful week, we’re within spitting distance to February!

2018 Week 3 Update

We’re in week 3 of 2018 and depending on how you look at it, the year is either as slow as molasses or zipping faster than you can catch it! Which side are you in?

The cool weather I wrote about last week has ended and we are back to our hot and humid climate again where turning on the air conditioner is more of a necessity if you want a decent night’s sleep. Well, it was good while it lasted! Climate change is real people and those who are still sceptical should just read the news daily to be convinced!

As for my week, it went off quite fast. As I wrote yesterday, I went to parent support group meetings in both schools. I also walked a fair bit this week and exceeded my target of an average of 10k steps per day. I have not been reading as much as I like and am woefully behind my reading schedule for the year. This is something I would like to address this week.

As for the job front, I did meet one person, the third in this organisation and it may work out. But this organisation is not looking to hire someone under their own steam and want the successful candidate to be their own contractor. It’s something completely different than what I was led to believe and I need to do more research to see if this is something I am comfortable doing as well as if it is financially viable. I also would need to negotiate to revise upwards my rates because I didn’t take into account some of the standard perks available to employees here when I first gave them my asking rate. Let me see how this pans out as they will get back to me only at the beginning of February.

Well, here’s to hoping that the week is a joyfully productive one!