Goodbye and Hello


No, I am not leaving WP yet! Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019

It’s a bit later than I would have liked, but no time like the present to do this post. I for one believe that at least for the first two weeks of January, you are still finetuning what you want to do in the new year and so on that note, I am not late at all!

I ended 2018 the same way as I started it, with hope that the coming year will be better for all of us. 2018 was not a very good year for us, what with the children not really doing well in Sec 3 (which is considered a harder year than Sec 4) nor with me continuing being mostly a SAHM. I did get some relief in the form of some freelance work which I have been doing for the past few months, so I am grateful for the that.


2019 is a crucial year for us as both GG & BB will be sitting for their O level exams at the end of the year. This will then mark the end of their school years and once the results are out, will start their tertiary studies. What that will be, I don’t know at this point. They both have ideas, but these will be translated into reality only when the results come out. So my nagging mode is super on these days, so much so that BB just sighs in frustration all the time. But it is for his own good and he knows that, so he just grins and bears it!


This year, I decided not to make any resolutions which I will inevitably break a month or so later. Instead, I decided to use a couple of words to guide me this year and not stress out when I slip up. My words this year will be ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Productivity’. These words will guide me to lead a more simple but productive life this year. The words will also help adjust my goals and resolutions as the year goes by.

I also decided that I will try and change habits instead of trying to fulfil resolutions. I am currently trying to track 10 habits across different areas in my life. I hope I can do them every single day, but if I slip up some days, I am still ok with it. I will come back at the end of the year or the beginning of 2020 to say how I fared with changing habits.

So that’s my plan of action for 2019. I am hoping for a more simple, minimalistic and productive year for me and you!

What have you thought about and planned for 2019? I would love to hear from you!


2018 Secondary 3 Week 43 Update

School’s out officially for the year and both have been promoted to Secondary 4. Since next year is their O level year, they have to go back to school for one more week where their teachers will start the Sec 4 syllabus and complete any sec 3 portion that was undone.

We also got the results this week and BB has done atrociously. I am very appalled with his marks and he got a real talking to from both me and his form teachers. I fact, because his school does not have a formal parent teacher meeting for the end of the year, I emailed all of his teachers for either a face-to-face meeting or a phone call to see what I can do to work with him over the holidays. During the face-to-face meetings, I also requested he be pulled out of class to meet with the teachers so he knows what we discussed. BB has promised to do better in sec 4, so let’s see.

GG on the other hand, did better, though not with stellar results. But she is the more dedicated and diligent child, so I am not that as concerned about her as I am about BB.

Happy Sunday folks

Poem: Shopping

five people standing against wall

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Who amongst us does not love the thrill that only comes from finding the perfect pair of shoes, that dress or even a bag! And if you managed to find it on sale, the thrill is doubled or even tripled.

grocery cart with item

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The Rush that is Shopping

You enter the mall with anticipation
Fingering your cards, feeling just a bit maudlin

You have big plans for the day, waiting to jump into the fray
You walk around, checking out shops, sizing up your prey

Then when you have found the perfect dress you were looking for,
That’s when you rush towards it, find your heart starting to soar

Eyes sharp as an eagle, ears keen as a owl
Like a predator on the prowl

When the dress is in your hands, you breathe a sigh of relief
Then its the delicious excitement of making sure it fits and does not give you grief

Then you pay for it and take it home
Now you wait to twirl in it, maybe do a roam?

That’s the fun of shopping, it gives you that burst of adrenaline
The rush that comes from it, makes you shine


2018 Secondary 3 Week 39 Update

We’re counting down to the end of this school year and it’s exam season for BB & GG.

They are super busy these days because the year-end exams are ongoing. BB’s school exam timetable is fairly straightforward with continuous exams daily this whole week. GG’s school on the other hand, has exams for two days and then three days of normal school curriculum and then exams again. This means her exams end three days after BB’s.

Once exams are over, they go back to school for some weeks for CCA and some learning activities. School ends on the last Friday of October. And then it’s the start of the countdown to their O levels. Both BB & GG have to go back to school for a week or so after the holidays start for an O level head start. This will probably mean they get holiday homework to work on.

Have a blessed Sunday.

2018 Secondary 3 Week 37 Update

Today GG & BB turn 15! Happy birthday to my babies! I can’t believe that those children who barely fit in the crook of my arm 15 years back now tower over me.

Yesterday was their Hindi year-end exams and while BB was blase as usual, GG was very stressed. I had to text her between her exams to take a deep breath and write the next exam with a more calm and collected mind. When she is stressed, she tends to second-guess herself and as we know when you do that, you are bound to make more mistakes. That’s exactly what happened to her during her PSLE and we all know what happened then. I am now slightly panicking about her O level exams next year. Hope I can research more on how to help her.

Later today, some of their friends are coming over. Since this will probably be the last birthday they can celebrate on the actual day during their schooling years (Next year this time, they will be in intensive prep for the O Levels and I don’t think they will be able to get friends to come over). The cakes and pizzas have been ordered and I will fry some samosas and spring rolls later when the kids come. The drinks and chips have been brought and all that’s left is to clean the house a bit and then have fun!

Exams start in two weeks time and so the next few updates should  be all about it.

Have a satisfying weekend folks and I’ll  come back with the party updates tomorrow.