Instagram Interludes

Since BB & GG are having their holidays and their commitments to school are now over, I am planning to take them to some museums around Singapore, especially since both will be doing Pure History for their O levels. Hopefully, this gives them a better understanding of the subject. In view of this, here’s a throwback to our visit to the National Museum of Singapore last year.

National Museum 1

National Museum 2

National Museum 3

National Museum 4

National Museum 5


Instagram Interludes

More from my trip to Little India. I saw these installations of elephants in a street off the main Serangoon Road and I was fascinated! I love elephants and am always drawn to these gentle giants. There were many people around, probably removing some chairs as there was an event there earlier, so the pictures may not be the best as I tried to keep them out of the frame as much as possible.

Elephants 1

Elephants 2

Elephants 3

Elephants 4

Elephants 6