Secondary 2 Week 28 Update

Another usual week for the children. 

GG is busy preparing for their show choir competition which is towards the end of the  month. She has a solo singing part and is supposedly one of the leads. The competition will take place on a Saturday and they will have to be at school quite early and the day will end quite late. Their school’s run of the draw means they will be one of the last school’s to perform. 

Yesterday, BB’s school had a Value-In-Action project for th secondary 2 students which was had compulsory attendance. The theme was going green and they went around the neighbourhood asking people for old clothes, newspapers etc and BB had a great time with his friends. They also raised $10,000 Singapore dollars to give to charity and the children were chuffed about it. 

Have a blessed Sunday folks!

In My Hands Today…

The Hairdresser of Harare: A Novel – Tendai Huchu

26103732Vimbai is the best hairdresser in Mrs. Khumalo’s salon, and she is secure in her status until the handsome, smooth-talking Dumisani shows up one day for work. Despite her resistance, the two become friends, and eventually, Vimbai becomes Dumisani’s landlady. He is as charming as he is deft with the scissors, and Vimbai finds that he means more and more to her. Yet, by novel’s end, the pair’s deepening friendship—used or embraced by Dumisani and Vimbai with different futures in mind—collapses in unexpected brutality.

The novel is an acute portrayal of a rapidly changing Zimbabwe. In addition to Vimbai and Dumisani’s personal development, the book shows us how social concerns shape the lives of everyday people.

Poem: Alone


In a sea of people,  I am alone,
Lonely and in solitude, as I’d always known.

People around me talking and laughing,
But my ears hear only noise which seems like babbling.

Their mirth fills my ears but I still choose to ignore,
Passing off their talk as useless rancour.

I know in my heart, I am being anti-social,
But it seems like ignorance is perhaps blissful.

I don’t get sucked into people’s worlds,
Watch their lives, as it unfurls.

It’s a job, not my life which is already full of strife
I prefer to be alone, a loner all my life

Alone means being with your thoughts,
Alone means facing life head on, even its onslaughts

I love being alone, it’s never a pain
To pretend to like being with people, to have to feign

In My Hands Today…

The In-Between World of Vikram Lall – M.G. Vassanji

77796Vikram Lall comes of age in 1950s Kenya, at the same time that the colony is struggling towards independence. Against the unsettling backdrop of Mau Mau violence, Vic and his sister Deepa, the grandchildren of an Indian railroad worker, search for their place in a world sharply divided between Kenyans and the British. We follow Vic from a changing Africa in the fifties, to the hope of the sixties, and through the corruption and fear of the seventies and eighties. Hauntingly told in the voice of the now exiled Vic, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall is an acute and bittersweet novel of identity and family, of lost love and abiding friendship, and of the insidious legacy of the British Empire.

Twin Mum Questions

50d4b665dc1140faf06be9785be3660f-twin-girls-twin-babiesIt never gets old. From the time GG & BB were born till now, every time people hear I have twins, people ask me questions, most of which, when I think about it, are almost similar in nature. BB & GG turn 14 this year and I have been fielding these questions for just as long. So here’s a list of questions that I sometimes wish I have prepared answers for and just pass it to them when they ask!

f8c92fd92da4a96a4c0882c314c4a2aeAre they twins? (I used to get asked this a lot when they were younger, but I don’t get asked this question anymore because BB is taller than GG and so people assume she is the younger sister)

Yes, they are….They look the same age, right?

Is it two boys/two girls?

No, they are not, can’t you see they are dressed differently, according to their sex? When they learn one of each – Wow! Fantastic, you hit the jackpot!

Are they identical?

No, they are not. Basic biology states that identical twins need to be the same sex and since they are of different sexes, they are fraternal twins and not identical


Were they planned or did it happen naturally?

Gosh! Such intrusive questions about my life!

Were they conceived naturally?

Another super intrusive question, but to answer it, yes, they were conceived naturally

Do twins run in your family?

I am actually not sure here. My mum’s sister has twins, but the generation before that didn’t have. Maybe it runs my maternal grandmother’s family, but we are still not sure.

Do they look alike?

Hello! Twins of a different sex, so obviously they look different. But in all fairness, when they were babies, people did tend to feel they looked alike, but I never saw the likeness!


Are they alike in temperament?

Nope! They are completely different in temperament, likes and dislikes. GG is a very girly girl who loves to draw, paint and sing while BB is a boy who, like most boys loves planes, cars and other vehicles, his obsession with planes is real and he has most likely decided to have a career in aviation.

Who is older/younger?

GG is older by 2 minutes. They were delivered by c-section and my gynaecologist/obstetrician felt she was not growing well and may not survive the trauma of a natural birth, hence the scheduled c-section. So she was delivered first, but we were worried in vain, as she was relatively healthy and didn’t need to spend any time in the NICU, which was what was told to us before the birth.

I could never do it

Well, before I had twins, I never thought of managing twins too, but you just do what you have to do! So I did it!


To any twin mum reading this article, what are your favourite twin mum question?