2017 Week 44 Update

Another week where nothing happened!

This week is my father-in-law’s annual shradh. This is a ceremony we hold every year to propitiate and sate your ancestors. In my community, this is more strictly adhered to than other communities. Maybe I will do a post on this ritual one of these days.

It’s on to another week of hoping and praying all issues are resolved and things are happy!

Have a blessed week, people….


2017 Secondary 2 Week 44 Update

GG’s school issues are not yet over! On Tuesday she went to school to find out about her subject combinations for next year and she was told her old stream subject combination (there, she has pretty much gotten all the subjects she had asked for), but her form teacher also asked her to see the Math HOD who mentioned to her that she may have to do a coursework subject since that’s the option available with Pure History. GG categorically told the HOD said she didn’t want to do any coursework subject and wanted to do the subject she had opted for instead. The HOD took that into consideration and said she will try and work out something.  GG also didn’t get her holiday homework for the new stream subjects. The HOD was supposed to call and speak to me to explain everything but has not yet done so.

On Friday, GG and I went to her school to see if we could speak  to the HOD, but we found all the HODs were in a full-day meeting and we could not speak to them. So I decided to see if we could speak to her form teacher (who was not the one who gave her the subject combination on Tuesday) and after we explained the situation to him, he asked me to send him a message detailing the issue and he will try and help us. I’ve done that and the form teacher has said he has passed it to the relevant people who will get back to me, hopefully, tomorrow. We’re also going to both schools tomorrow to purchase the books and uniforms (for BB as he transitions to full-length pants in Sec 3)

I’m also going to see if we can meet the HOD  tomorrow and resolve this now rather than later.


2017 Week 42 Update

Nothing really happened this week, hence this delayed post.

I went for the first interview in ages and it was actually quite positive. It is an industry association which is just taking off and it’s a role I have done before. This is a STEM industry and that’s my biggest concern – the fact that I have zero qualification and experience in this industry. I have decided to be very upfront in interviews so I don’t get any surprises should I take up a position and this time also I shared this concern with the interviewer. Let’s see what happens, hopefully, it will be positive.

October has been a month where I was in a funk and didn’t feel like doing anything. I am glad the month is almost over and November is peeking in. I am hoping that the new month shows more promise than October!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

2017 Week 40 Update

Another boring week, but with Diwali coming up, I was kept busy prepping for the festival. We made some savouries and sweets and there’s a bit more to do which I will complete today.

I met a recruitment consultant earlier in the week and even though it was not very promising, I am hopeful that something may come up from that meeting.

To all those who are celebrating the festival of lights, here’s wishing you a Happy Diwali!


2017 Secondary 2 Week 40 Update

Exams finished for GG also this week and we’ll start seeing her results from Monday. BB also started getting back his test marks this week and he has done worse than expected. I am so very disappointed with his results and it’s looking increasingly difficult that he may get his choice of subjects for next year! I am so very disappointed with him.

GG, on the other hand, has matured beautifully! She is so conscious of what she wants to do and goes about it with determination and dedication.

It’s the Indian festival of Diwali next week and the children are all set to enjoy it.

That’s about it from our side in terms of what happened in school this week. Have a blessed Sunday!