Looking back…..and Facing forward….


As we start the first week of 2018, let me do a short recap of my year that was in 2017 as well as some ideas on how I want this year to work out for me.


2017 started as usual for me, with looking for a job which didn’t materialise until the middle of the year. But what a position it turned out to be! I was bullied in my second week there by a subordinate and that’s when I knew I had to get out. I started looking for positions immediately, but before I could leave, I was asked to leave. I hated it there and so when the shock of having this thrust on me abated, I was really relieved. I attribute this 100% to my manager, who approved decisions I took, but turned around and lied about those decisions, even though it was approved by email! This person is a very strong-willed person with a personality to match and when confronted, I didn’t push back, which was, in retrospect, something I am not very proud of. Anyway, karma worked and what this person did to me was done to them in less than two months time!

The children had good school years. GG did especially well and she managed to move to the better stream (after we managed to convince her school principal that she can do it). She now gets to do the subjects she enjoys and excels in and hopefully will continue to thrive in school. BB, on the other hand, managed to squeeze into his stream of choice by a whisker. I was mentally prepared that he will not get into the pure science stream as his science marks just about made the cut-off marks for the stream and was already psyching him for other science-related subjects, but when the streaming results were declared, both of us did a little jig on seeing his name in the pure science class.


That was 2017, what do I want to do in 2018?


For one, I want to lose 10% of my total body weight as on 01 January. I have checked my weight on Monday (and I am conscious enough of it that I don’t want to reveal it to the whole internet), and will be tracking it with an eagle’s eye!

Continuing on the health theme, my last HbA1C reading put me in the upper end of the acceptable range and I want to bring this down to the lower end and in the healthy range by the end of the year. I have my next test in February, just after the Chinese New Year and so want to have some positive news there.

Other health and beauty related resolutions are to meditate daily for at least 10 minutes, put on a face mask every day for 365 days and clock an average of 10,000 steps daily. These should be fairly doable I think, I just need to be consistent and not give in to laziness and complacency.

I also want to write more this year, both in this blog and elsewhere. I dream of being a published author and want to take steps to achieve this by perhaps submitting a short story. I am going to work on this dream too this year.

On the job front, I am going to be super discerning about where I apply jobs to and even after I interview, I will not accept any position just because I get offered one. I don’t want a repetition of what happened in 2017, so I rather am safe than sorry.

I also want to travel and we’ve already started planning our year-end holiday where I want to explore parts of India I’ve never been to. I also want to do a solo trip, but I am not sure if this will pan out this year, but it’s something I am putting here, in the hope that the universe will let it happen.

So that’s what my plans for 2018 are. What about you? Have you made any plans? Or are you someone who wings it? Do comment below and I’d love to hear from you.


2017 Week 49 Update

Nothing really happened this week – I went to a second round of interviews at the part-time position I had applied to but may have to do one more round. Because this is the holiday season, most people are not around and so things are at a stalemate, at least until the new year, my job search is at a pause.

I’ve completely lost my writing mojo these days and find it difficult to write down even a few lines. I really don’t know what I can do to get out of this funk, maybe the new year will bring cheer to me!

Have a wonderful last few days of the 2017!

2017 Week 48 Update

Another interesting week in terms of interviews. I interviewed for the position I mentioned last week and in the middle of the week, got another offer to interview. The second position is better than the first one, which may turn out to be a part-time one after all. During the second interview, the interviewer was selling the company and position to me, which I understand is something positive.

We also went out quite a bit this week as S was on leave and that was something we rarely do as a family, what with school and work getting in the way.

The year is winding down and I am now starting to work on what I want to achieve in 2018. This is something I try to do regularly and want to continue next year also.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and in 2018?

2017 Week 46 Update

Another week where nothing really happened.

I got a call from a recruiter for some potential short term positions. I have indicated interest, but am wondering if this is the right way to go. Anyway not expecting much happening between now to the beginning of the new year since most people will hang on to get their bonuses before quitting. Anyways, one can always hope.

I did my hba1c test and the score has remained the same from three months ago. It’s still higher than what I’d ideally like it to be, but looks like the Diwali feasting didn’t take as much a toll on me as much as I did.

Have a wonderful week folks!

2017 Week 44 Update

Another week where nothing happened!

This week is my father-in-law’s annual shradh. This is a ceremony we hold every year to propitiate and sate your ancestors. In my community, this is more strictly adhered to than other communities. Maybe I will do a post on this ritual one of these days.

It’s on to another week of hoping and praying all issues are resolved and things are happy!

Have a blessed week, people….