2018 Secondary 3 Week 38 Update

This was the week of the quiet before the storm. Exams start next week and I am sure the children will have stories to tell about it.

Last week I got a call from S. Apparently BB’s form and chemistry teacher called him because he had not only not handed over a test (in which BB had failed miserably) three weeks late, but that he also slept in class. This was the first time a teacher was reaching out to S, and predictably S was furious. I called back the teacher and spoke to him and then when BB came home, he withstood the combined wrath of both S and me. We’ve removed his access to his laptop till the end of the exams and I am also forcing him to sleep early daily. He says he feels sleepy in class after lunch, so the solution is to sleep early at night and give him a less carb-filled lunch.

GG, as we all know, is super stressed with her exams. I am hoping she is able to do well in all her exams and hopefully do relatively well in them.


15th Birthday Letter to GG & BB

Happy birthday GG & BB! You turned 15 over the weekend and as it happens every year, I can’t help but think of the two little babies I brought into this world who would fit comfortably in the crook of my arms. You’ve both grown up so much now, with BB towering more than a head over me. GG, who is my little chilli padi is still slightly miffed at the genes she got handed out at birth which makes her only chest high to her brother, but you are a feisty girl who is slowing becoming a lovely, graceful, but still a very feisty young woman.

Fifteen years back, I fell in love, irrevocably and completely and this feeling has only intensified in the intervening years. I can still remember the first words I uttered when I woke up from my anaesthesia were about you both and since that second, your well-being and happiness has been the absolute priority in my life.

Some days I lie in bed and start to worry and freak out. You both are fifteen now and only a few years away from legal adulthood. Very soon, you will finish school and life as I know it will end. You both will become more independent and mum will only be a peripheral part of your lives. I don’t know if I am ready for these changes yet. BB will go on to do his National Service in 3-4 years (depending on what educational route you take to after your O levels) and then will change into a man! I will surely miss my sweet little boy, but I can’t stop nature having her way, right?

BB, you are a sweetheart and I don’t say this because I am your mum and am biased (well, that too). You are one of the sweetest boys I have met (and thanks to you I have met many) who does not have a bad bone in his head or his heart. You always think the best of everyone and even when you get bullied, you’d rather just brush it off or keep it to yourself just because you don’t want to get someone in trouble. But you should learn to take a stand. When you leave the protected environment of your school and go out into the world, you will soon realise man comes in many forms and so when you don’t learn to stand up for yourself, you may find yourself pushed down to the bottom of the barrel.

GG, you are such a sweetheart, so giving and caring. You own each room when you enter it because of your personality. You are a natural leader, something I always knew and I am glad this year you got to showcase it to others when you became the Vice President of your CCA. You have a wonderful work ethic, one that will be an asset to you in the years to come. I have no doubt that irrespective of the career path you choose, you will become someone who is very successful (whatever your definition of success is). I know you dislike certain subjects in school, but you still work hard on those just because you have a natural desire to excel and set personal high standards for yourself. Keep doing that and success will kiss your feet always.

Happy birthday to my sweethearts! It was your birthday, but my present has and always has been the two of you – the best thing in my life!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 37 Update

Today GG & BB turn 15! Happy birthday to my babies! I can’t believe that those children who barely fit in the crook of my arm 15 years back now tower over me.

Yesterday was their Hindi year-end exams and while BB was blase as usual, GG was very stressed. I had to text her between her exams to take a deep breath and write the next exam with a more calm and collected mind. When she is stressed, she tends to second-guess herself and as we know when you do that, you are bound to make more mistakes. That’s exactly what happened to her during her PSLE and we all know what happened then. I am now slightly panicking about her O level exams next year. Hope I can research more on how to help her.

Later today, some of their friends are coming over. Since this will probably be the last birthday they can celebrate on the actual day during their schooling years (Next year this time, they will be in intensive prep for the O Levels and I don’t think they will be able to get friends to come over). The cakes and pizzas have been ordered and I will fry some samosas and spring rolls later when the kids come. The drinks and chips have been brought and all that’s left is to clean the house a bit and then have fun!

Exams start in two weeks time and so the next few updates should  be all about it.

Have a satisfying weekend folks and I’ll  come back with the party updates tomorrow.

2018 Secondary 3 Week 36 Update

This week was the September school holidays.

BB went away for this Secondary 3 adventure camp at the Outward Bound Singapore and was back only on Friday evening. He says he had loads of fun there and since it was only him from his class in his group (there were 4-5 other students from his school and another 5-6 students from another school). They did a lot of hiking, trekking, rowing and slept in tents outside daily. His group was in the mainland and so he didn’t really go to Pulau Ubin except once for the high elements part. The other students also had to write some words about each other and I felt that what the others wrote about BB was spot on! I really hope that he reads those words and learn from it.

GG spent some quality time with me this week and we got to do a girls day out with a movie thrown in as a special treat. It was fun going out with her as she is at an age where she is more a friend than a Daughter. I am hoping to do something similar with BB one of these days.

2018 Secondary 3 Week 31 Update

Another school week and the timeline for GG’s school learning journey is drawing near. She is going to Vietnam for a humanities learning journey next week and is super excited as well as a bit nervous about the whole trip. Earlier in the week, we had a briefing from the school for both parents and students by the vendor who will be taking the children and they gave us travel tips on the country as well as the recommended packing list. Prior to the talk by the vendor and the teachers, the students had a lecture by a former student, who is currently a history lecturer at a local university about the country. GG loved this lecture and this reignited GG’s desire to become a teacher again. She has been going on and off since Primary school about becoming a teacher.

BB has back to back CCA competitions over two Saturdays. This year, since they are in Sec 3, the school only offered one-way transport for the students which is from the school to the SYFC HQ and they had to make their own way back. I was a bit worried since their HQ is quite far from our home, but he was able to come home quite easily. So that’s one bucket list stricken off, and he has become quite independent.