2017 Secondary 2 Week 40 Update

Exams finished for GG also this week and we’ll start seeing her results from Monday. BB also started getting back his test marks this week and he has done worse than expected. I am so very disappointed with his results and it’s looking increasingly difficult that he may get his choice of subjects for next year! I am so very disappointed with him.

GG, on the other hand, has matured beautifully! She is so conscious of what she wants to do and goes about it with determination and dedication.

It’s the Indian festival of Diwali next week and the children are all set to enjoy it.

That’s about it from our side in terms of what happened in school this week. Have a blessed Sunday!




Secondary 2 Week 38 Update

This is the start of a week to two weeks of stress for the children.

BB’s exams started and he is done with a couple of subjects but the bulk is still to be done, which will happen next week. GG’s exams also started, but after two days of exams, she will have regular school for three days and then this will be followed by the remainder of exams.

The children also got their Hindi exam results (which they had taken on their birthday). The results were predictable – GG passed while BB failed, miserably!

In about an hour my parents land in Singapore and the children are really looking forward to spending time with their grandparents once the exams are over.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Secondary 2 Week 36 Update

This was a stressful week for BB & GG since it was their Hindi exams yesterday, which was also their 14th birthday! GG had been especially stressed because she badly wants to do well in this exam.

Year-end exams also start within the next two weeks and so there’s a lot of angst going on in the house, especially since (as I’ve mentioned earlier) this year is streaming year for both of them.

There is also some serious politics happening in BB’s school Parent Support Group. There is a woman, who has been associated with the PSG for the last six years and who had hoped to become the chairperson this year but was not even considered because of her slightly abrasive personality (or so I was told). She was quite close to the current chairperson in the beginning of the year, but I was told, she started taking advantage of this closeness and started demanding things be done her way. I am guessing this friendship soured and so this lady started bossing around in our PSG chat group. The meeting yesterday was forced by her and happened without the chairperson because the chairperson was traveling for work. Actually, I am surprised that this level of politics happens even in school PSGs where all parents are volunteers and there only because they want the best for their child.

This was our school week, have a restful Sunday, all ready for the new week!

Secondary 2 Week 35 Update

Today is the last day of the September school holidays. GG doesn’t want to go back to school tomorrow because she knows when school starts, she will be under pressure since exams start in two weeks!

Both had a chilled week at home during the holidays, though BB went back to school one day for a supplementary lesson and GG went to her friends place twice to complete some holiday project work.

Stress will begin to build up when school starts as teachers will start pushing the children to put more efforts in their work. This is an important exam for them as it is a streaming year. Especially for those who want to take the popular courses (aka most science options) need to do well as the choices they make and the selections the schools make, depend on the marks they get in total.

This was our school update for the week, next week may bring more updates. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Secondary 2 Week 34 Update

This is the school holiday week for the children and with just two full days of school, there’s not much to actually update!

On Wednesday, which was celebrated as Teachers Day in Singapore, BB & GG went back to their primary school for homecoming! This is something they did last year too and GG says she will do it all the time. I think it will be till familiar teachers are still in school and when it reaches a point where they don’t know most teachers, they will stop going to homecoming!

GG also got her report card for the term back and it was filled with mostly A grades. She is continuing to do well in school, but I would love her to push herself a bit more. She is hovering at the top, yet not yet there, and I want her to breach that dam and try for top honours.

Today marks the end of the long weekend for us, but the children will continue with their term break. BB has to go back to school one day, but I think GG will be home all days, except for the days she needs to go for tuition!