2018 Secondary 3 Week 7 Update

This was a very short school week for BB & GG. They only had full-day school for three days and then Thursday was Chinese New Year celebrations in schools with half day school thrown in and then a long weekend which means they only go back to school on Tuesday.

GG finished all her common tests and the teachers were nice enough that they did not pass out the marked papers this week. This meant that both teachers and students had a stress-free holiday!

There’s really nothing to write about the children this week since there was nothing to write about!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Lunar New Year!


2018 Secondary 3 Week 6 Update

GG has started her first common test of the year and she is super stressed about it. I am starting to get worried about it and any possible repercussions on her mental and physical health. I will monitor this for a while and will intervene if needed.

BB  went to the Singapore Airshow this week as part of his CCA. They spent the whole day there and even missed school because of this. BB has been going to the airshow almost every time it comes to Singapore (it’s a biannual show).

I also wasted more than three hours in going to GG’s school for a principal’s talk. Usually, all schools will have the principal addressing parents in the first month of the new school year where they will speak about the direction the school will be moving in that year. They also bring up any issues that students face and it is also a chance for parents to feedback to the school leaders any issues they or their children may have. Unfortunately, today’s talk was all about a new smart room the school is opening. I liked hearing about the technology used in the room (where we were seated), but I felt cheated that there was nothing at all about how the school year will be planned and what the school has in store for the students. Anyway, I am going to chalk it up to experience and just leave it there!

Next week is a short school week for the kiddos because of the Lunar New Year, so they are quite happy about it. For any readers who follow the Lunar calendar, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Lunar New Year to you and your loved ones!

Happy Sunday everyone…..

2018 Secondary 3 Week 3 Update

Another week of school and the children are settling in school. It’s a new environment with new subjects for both of them. Their common tests are coming up soon, earlier for GG than BB, but I also understand that they will have class tests in the meantime.

I also went to both school parent support group (PSG) meetings this week, and the contrast between the two was quite telling! GG’s school is the older one,  but the PSG is not strong and parents are quite indifferent. BB’s school, on the other hand, has a very active support group and parents are quite on the ball in partnering with the school.

Nothing much happened in school this week as it is still early days yet, so let’s see how this year pans out for both of them.


Secondary 2 Week 46 Update

Nothing much here except that we finally got the clearance for GG’s subjects and she signed the paper indicating the subjects. We also brought her new books. I still don’t understand one thing though which is that the school has still not released the class lists for the year. It’s going to be total chaos on the first day of school with new Sec 1’s and Sec 3’s trying to figure out which class they are in.

I also went to help out in BB’s school with the open house and spoke to new potential parents which was an interesting experience.

I guess this is the end for this year’s secondary 2 updates. The new year will bring more updates from a new class!

Happy Sunday people!!

Secondary 2 Week 45 Update

Last week I was super frustrated that GG’s school did not confirm her subject combination. On Monday we went to both schools to buy uniforms and books, but again I could not speak to the teacher who was handling this issue since they were all out. She later called me and asked me to wait till Thursday since they were doing the appeals for the cohort. I waited and waited for her to call me and then when I called her on Friday it was to know that GG had to go to school that day! We didn’t know about this, but the news was good – GG got the subject combination she wanted! So she will be doing English, Mother Tongue, E Maths, Combined Science, Pure History, Social Studies with Geography, Principles of Accounts (7 subjects in total). We should go tomorrow to school to confirm these subjects and finally buy the books!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!