Secondary 2 Week 21 Update

The holidays are here! School ended and the holidays started officially yesterday and will go on till 26 June. They get an extra day this year since Hari Raya Puasa or Ramzan Id is on 26 June which is a public holiday in Singapore. 

We had parent teacher meetings for both of them on Friday and the comments from their teachers could not be different. 

First BB’s report. Except for Maths, he didn’t do well in other subjects. We spoke with his form teachers who teach him Science and English and they said he is quite talkative in class. This actually came as a surprise to me as he is fairly quiet at home. But apparently either he is talking with his friends or someone is talking to him and so he feels obligated to respond. He is also quite messy and disorganised, which I agree with and who can forget comments about his handwriting! His teachers mentioned that the O level papers are not marked in Singapore and unless his writing improves, the marker may not spend time trying to understand what he is trying to say. So that’s my project for the holidays. 

Now to GG. She has gotten very positive remarks from all her teachers as her school allows us to consult individual subject teachers unlike BB’s school. One of her teachers called her ‘an angel’ and all very very appreciative of her work ethic and attitude in school. They were very supportive of her ambition to do something in mass communication as they also felt it was something she would do well, given her love for the humanities as well as her strong grasp of the English language and her skills in writing and speaking. She needs to work on Science as that seems to be her weakest subject and I am quite seriously considering if I should start them both for tuition in the subject. 

This was our week, which somehow seemed to fly. This week, both have school, but on different days so I’ll have each one at home, maybe time for some 1-1 with them. 

2017 Week 20 Update

We’re close to the halfway mark of this year and I suspect I am starting to get depressed with this whole job hunt business. 

This week was my usual sort of week with some errands I had to run outside the home. It actually felt good to get out and I am really yearning to start working again so I can be out and about. For someone who prefers books to people, this is surprising even to me! I think this year plus of introspection has made me even more committed to doing a great job should I be hired. Though I sometimes wonder if I will ever get hired. Wonder if it’s my age which is against me. Anyway I did promise not to bring my negativity here, so I’ll stop right here. 

School ends this week and I should really start planning a short holiday. S is busy but can spare a couple of days. So need to research places close to home. I am actually rooting for a destination in Malaysia which is a 3-4 hour driving distance away, but will look at some Indonesian islands which are a short ferry ride away too!

Have an awesome week folks and hope your week is filled with joy and happiness. 

Secondary 2 Week 20 Update

This was the penultimate week of school before they break for the mid-year holidays and other than paper checking, the children had some fun in school. 

GG went for a two day coding workshop. Initially she was very resistant to the idea of coding, even after I explained how it was a life skill these days. Her reasoning was that she was planning to major in humanities so coding which was a science subject was of no use to her. But she enjoyed the workshop so much that she was super excited to go back to school for the next day’s session. She also did a geography investigation where they interviewed residents near their school on their take on the amenities found there and what they liked/disliked about the neighbourhood. They now have to do a report and present it to their class. 

BB was the big surprise this week. His school’s lifelong learning programme is music and arts and as part of this, they had a music fest in school where students had to make groups and perform like a band where they have one or two students singing and the others playing instruments.  Now although BB was in his school choir in primary school, after his voice broke almost two years back, he has refused to sing at all, being very self-conscious about his half childish and half adult voice. So when he told me he was going to sing, I was actually surprised and GG and I landed up at his school to listen to him. We were pleasantly surprised. He did a great job of singing One Direction’s Night Changes and they were the only group who got calls of encore and one more song from the audience which mostly comprised his cohort and some parents. After the concert and the next day, many students came up to him to tell him he had sung well. The best accolade for him came from his principal. He met her in the corridor and she stopped and told him he sang very well. BB was so happy when he came home that day!

This week is the parent teacher meeting in both schools and then they break for almost a month. Both have activities the first 10 days of the holidays and then it’s play time for them. 

2017 Week 19 Update

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and hope all you mums had a great time with your loved ones!

We took S’ mum and aunt out for a nice family dinner last night and it was an enjoyable evening spent chatting and spending time with family.

GG hand-made a very sweet Mothers Day card for me and was also the first one to wish me yesterday. BB, on the other hand, completely forgot about the day and only wished me after being prompted!

Other than that, the week was a usual ho-hum week, with nothing much happening. The children were at home a few days and as it is usual when they are at home, I hardly got anything done. School starts again on their regular schedule today for the next two weeks before they break for their mid-year holidays.

Have an awesome week folks!

Secondary 2 Week 19 Update 

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely mum’s who read this blog!

Exams ended for both the children this week and they were home on Friday because it was marking day in both schools. 

Next week will be paper checking in school before they get their report books the week after next.

BB got the second highest marks in English, which his teacher messaged them in the class WhatsApp chat group. But the bar was set very low as only five children in a class of almost 40 passed! We need to wait till they get the papers back to see what actually happened. 

This week, BB will be performing in his school. His school’s Lifelong Learning Programme is music and the arts, so he is going to sing in the class concert. He just passed me the tickets yesterday so that’s something I am looking forward to.