2017 Week 28 Update

I did my first offsite project this week and it kind of made me sure that I may not want to stay here in the long term. Things happened (that I don’t want to go into detail at this point) that now I am sure that unless things change, I will move out as soon as a suitable opportunity comes my way. 

The weekend was a very relaxing one, where I just binged watched the dramas I missed during the week. 

Now, here’s to a wonderful week ahead and hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead. 

Secondary 2 Week 28 Update

Another usual week for the children. 

GG is busy preparing for their show choir competition which is towards the end of the  month. She has a solo singing part and is supposedly one of the leads. The competition will take place on a Saturday and they will have to be at school quite early and the day will end quite late. Their school’s run of the draw means they will be one of the last school’s to perform. 

Yesterday, BB’s school had a Value-In-Action project for th secondary 2 students which was had compulsory attendance. The theme was going green and they went around the neighbourhood asking people for old clothes, newspapers etc and BB had a great time with his friends. They also raised $10,000 Singapore dollars to give to charity and the children were chuffed about it. 

Have a blessed Sunday folks!

2017 Week 27 Update

For some reason, this week, I was in a major funk. Things happened at work which upset me majorly and this was the reason I was upset pretty much the whole week!

The saving grace at work is my reporting manager, a lady whom I liked immensely, even at the interview. She is also new, under a year there and seems to want to make the changes that will make the workplace better. Also, the place I work has been merged with another organisation (this happened around two to three weeks after I joined) and so things are fairly chaotic right now. So I am hoping that things do settle down a bit in a while and things will get better. If it does, that’s good and I will stay there for a long time, but if things are still in status quo, then my target is to complete a year here and then start looking for a new position. Though with the last ‘looking for a position’ still fresh in my mind, this is something I’d rather not repeat anytime soon.

But I have decided to change my mood as well as attitude now. I plan to be proactive, have a learning attitude and don’t want to take anything anyone says to heart. I am going to learn as much as I can while I am here, after all, every place and job is a learning opportunity.

Life at home has become quite boring these days. I  wake up, get ready for work, get to work and then by the time I am back home, it’s already dinner time and I zone out after dinner. Weekends are taken up with doing the chores I missed during the week and it’s time again for the next work week.

Hopefully, I have more news in the coming weeks…Have an awesome week folks!

Secondary 2 Week 27 Update

This week was the usual school week for the children. They went to school, had CCA and also went for tuitions. 

In school they have a subject called Food and Consumer Education (FCE). This is supposed to be a Home Economics version 2, where in addition to learning to cook, they also learn about healthy eating habits etc. GG has to do a project in this subject which has to do with fusion cuisine. Not only has it to incorporate festive food from two cultures, but it has to be fused with food from one of Singapore’s major ethinic groups (Chinese, Malay and Eurasians are the other major ethnic groups in addition to Indians). Add to the stress is that most of the food from the other ethnic groups are not vegetarian. So now I am in a bind – how do I come up with a fusion dish which can be cooked from scratch in under an hour and is vegetarian? 

Any ideas folks?

2017 Week 26 Update

This was a short but intense work week. For some reason the week went by quite fast and I was exhausted every day when I reached home.

This week, twice, I realised that someone above me (God for me), is looking out for me. While I don’t want to go into the specifics, both times, I either missed doing something I would have regretted or wanted something badly and both times, almost immediately, I got signals from God and it happened to me! It’s at times like these, our faith in that higher power gets reinforced and becomes strong.

Other than that, I just lazed the weekend away! July seems to be a super packed month for me and here’s wishing to a great month!