2018 Secondary 3 Week 20

This was pretty much results week for both GG & BB

GG first. As expected, because she moved streams, she has dropped a few points in all the old subjects (aka subjects she has been taking from Sec 1). Principles of Accounting, a new subject which she took this year was a good one for her, probably the only one where she really scored well. But I think that’s fine, since it was expected and she should be able to catch up by the end of year exams.

BB also didn’t do as well as expected. With the exception of his two math papers (Elementary and Advanced Maths), he did not do as well as expected in his sciences and other papers. I have also set up appointments to see his subject Teachers this year to see what we can do to improve for the year end exams.

Parent teacher meetings happen at the end of next week, which also will be the last school day of the term before their month Long break.


2018 Week 19 Update

This was a week of contrasts for me, with the first half slow as molasses and the second as fast and busy as the wind!

The end of the week also marked the end of the rituals for S’ uncle who passed away last week. The last two days were exceptionally busy and on one day we got to have lunch only at 4 pm!

On Saturday, I was also privileged to go down to Pulau Ubin to have a look at the facilities which our children will be using when they attend the Secondary 3 Adventure Camp. I will do a more detailed post, especially from a parents perspective later this week so it can be of help to any parent whose child will be going to the camp.

Sunday was Mothers Day and we also  picked up our new car yesterday. This is an upgrade from our older sedan to a bigger seven seater MPV. This is because while the children are growing up, parents are growing older and we found that we were not able to accomodate everyone in the same vehicle in case we wanted to go out together. Hence the upgrade. I also caught a Bollywood movie with the children (review to come soon) and it ended with a nice family dinner at our local.

Hope you have a great Mothers Day and have a wonderful week ahead!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 19 Update

Exams are done and dusted for BB & GG and from tomorrow they will start getting their results.

They also had a long weekend since both schools had marking days on Friday and they went to see the new Avengers movie with their primary school friends.

I also went to an OBS-MOE open house over the weekend to check out what BB will be doing at his OBS camp later in the year. It was a great experience, though I was put on observer status because of my medical condition. I’ll do a more detailed post, especially from a parents point of view later in the week.

Today is Mothers Day and so here’s wishing all Mums who read this post a very Happy Mothers Day. What has your children planned for the day?

2018 Week 18 Update

I think I went through this week in a haze. I can’t really think of anything that really happened this week and we’re on to a new week already.

The days these days just seem to move as slow as molasses, but at the same time, by the time the weekend comes by, I feel like I have accomplished nothing.

The whole week was busy with chasing the children, especially BB to study and not spend time on his phone all the time.

Exams finish this week and I have something lined up for the weekend (I will write more after it’s done, if ever) and Sunday is also Mother’s Day in our part of the world.

Have a wonderful week everyone…

2018 Secondary 3 Week 18 Update

It’s exams week in our home so not much to update except exam related stuff.

Both are almost at the 50% of exams as of today and they have another four days of exams to go which end later in the week. The week will end with a holiday for both for marking so we’ll start to know the results when school starts again on 14 May.

As for exams, with the exception of a couple of subjects, both GG & BB say they have done reasonably well. As usual, BB has made some careless mistakes (I am still waiting for an exam where he manages to complete an exam without these mistakes). I’ll know for sure when the papers come back after being corrected.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far!