2018 Week 46 Update

Another week has gone by and the children are almost in the middle of their school holidays.

Last Friday, GG’s school organised a two hour long concert of their school choir plus two other invited schools. It was lovely programme, not because GG was the opening emcee of her choir, but because all the schools sang quite well. Other than the open house in her school next week, this activity will be the last one for her for the school calendar year.

BB is his usual self, playing games on his laptop whenever he can and getting scolded by me! He also started shaving, something I didn’t think I’d see so soon! My baby has become a man! 

In my news, some career expectations I had didn’t come through and I took this to be a sign from the universe that perhaps I should focus more on my freelance business which is what I will do now. I will spend the next month focusing on my family and the children and when the new year rolls around and people start coming back to work, I will start contacting potential clients. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and an awesome week.


2018 Week 45 Update

This was such a hectic week for us! The week started with the last minute preparations for the biggest Indian festival – Diwali. Then on the day of Diwali, after we went to the temples and had lunch, we came home to prep for S’ colleagues who were invited for an open house at our place for tea and snacks. It was such a hectic day that we all just collapsed when everyone left late evening.

I took a couple of days to recover from Diwali and this year I really felt each year of my age! I am getting old and I really wonder how my mom and grandmother managed and are managing till today.

The children are on leave now, but with holiday homework and so I have to keep nagging BB mostly to do his work. This will be from later this week though as he was on a school trip to Malaysia as part of his Humanities programme most of the week and only returned back over the weekend.

This is all for us this week, S will be taking leave to clear his leave from the end of the month and so I should plan some activities to do as a family as well as a trip overseas. I am looking at a few neighbouring countries so that’s my homework this week.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an awesome week folks!

2018 Week 44 Update

November is here and with it comes the realisation that the year is coming to an end and 2019 is just around the corner.

This week is quite busy for me what with the Festival of Lights aka Diwali or Deepavali starting form tomorrow. This is the biggest festival in India and the festivities go on for almost a week in certain parts of the country.

We also commemorated my late Father-in-law’s death anniversary over the weekend. We do a special prayer for a departed soul every year on the date of his or her death (according to the Hindu calendar) and the prayers in our community are quite unique. I will do a post on this one of these days.

To all celebrating Diwali, wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali. May this Festival of Lights light up your lives!

2018 Secondary 3 Week 44 Update

This is the last update for Secondary 3 for the year. School has been out for more than a week now, but both GG & BB had to go back to school for a week for the Sec 4 head start programme. They had full day of lessons the whole week and teachers started on work for the next year. They have also been loaded with homework for the holidays in all subjects so that when they go back to school in January, they can continue from where they left off.

Since the year is short, school’s are expected to complete the O level syllabus by the time they break for their mid-year holidays in June.

Our O level countdown has also begun with the exams around 11 months away. I need to take some decisions about whether they need extra tuition for any subjects, especially the sciences.

Next week is Diwali and today promises to be slightly busier than usual. But here’s to a wonderful Sunday to everyone.

2018 Week 43 Update

This was a pleasant week for me. If you remember, I mentioned about an organisation where I met people with whom I was not comfortable with. There was a sense of unease that I had which I decided to heed. I then set some conditions to them which I knew they will not accept and it happened as I expected. They let me know they will not be pursuing this further and I danced a little jig when I saw that email. I am glad I didn’t reject them off hand as it meant i would be burning some bridges.

Over the weekend, we made a day trip to Johor Baru to shop for clothes for the children for Diwali. What should have been a 30-45 minute trip, given that we stay a 10 minute drive from the causeway in no traffic conditions, this turned out to be a 3.5 hour drive to the mall! We spent more than 3 hours battling traffic! The drive on the way back was marginally better at 2 hours and 15 minutes, but the bumper to bumper traffic is so bad that it’s making me think twice about driving into Malaysia! I seriously hope the two governments do something about this. But we had a good time shopping with the children and hopefully the next time we drive in, the traffic is not so bad!

This week shows to be a hectic one with my Diwali preparations starting from today. I plan to start making a bit of the sweets and savories each day so that I am not overwhelmed.

Have a wonderful week folks!