2018 Week 33 Update

This was an interesting week, both in terms of work and my social life.

On the work front, as I mentioned last week, I have started freelancing and this week, I signed on my first client. This is not the role I would take if I had a choice, but it could be the start of something different, something I could be proud of. That time will only tell.

I also hosted a cousin this week at home. She had come to Singapore for an interview at a local university (she is an academic) and between her interviews and public lectures, it was fun catching up with her on family news and gossip. She hit off with GG and they’ve become quite close friends. If she gets the position she interviewed for and comes to live in Singapore for a period, she and GG have made plans to have sleepovers and holidays together. I really hope she gets the job, so it’ll be nice to have someone from my family close by.

This week will be a mid-week public holiday in Singapore due to the Eid-ul-Adha or Bakri Id as its called in India. It’s always nice to have mid-week holidays as it splits the week in half and so the work week does not seem so long!

Have a wonderful week folks!


2018 Secondary 3 Week 33 Update

GG was back from her Vietnam trip at the beginning of the week and though the trip was fun, it was super hectic and she was exhausted by the time they landed back in Singapore. For someone whose bedtime is usually 9-9:30 pm, having to sleep close to midnight daily really took a toll on her. But as children and young people are, she is resilient and bounced back very quickly and was back in school the next day!

The rest of the school week was uneventful. BB has been home most of the week since half his cohort is away at the OBS camp and since his half of the cohort will be doing their OBS camp during the September holidays, they were supposed to have their September holidays this week. But they had two days of school, followed by the protected days where they had holidays. During this short holiday, BB invited his friends over for the day, where they enjoyed their time playing games and just chit-chatting!

All in all, it was the usual week for GG, but BB  had a nicer week in terms of being at home and being able to chill.




2018 Week 32 Update

Another week has gone by and this week which was short because of the National Day holiday was slightly significant for me.

I have registered a company under my name last week and have made a decision to start freelancing. I will be working from home and will probably work a couple of hours a day. I am planning to do this till the end of next year when the children finish school and if this gig takes off, then I’ll do this on a full-time basis, otherwise, I’ll look for a fulltime position to start working in early 2020. Please wish me luck in my new venture!

This week I am hosting a cousin I have not interacted with much over the years. She is older than me and is coming to Singapore for some lectures at our local universities. It will be nice to have some one-on-one time with her when she has free time from her lectures. I am also hoping to attend at least one of the lectures, though the subject is not something I am very knowledgeable about.

This week is looking to be an interesting one, so more deets next week when I update here.


2018 Secondary 3 Week 32 Update

This was an interesting week for me vis-a-vis BB and GG’s schools.

On Wednesday, we all headed to Singapore’s West Coast Park to take part in BB’s school’s National Day Observance Ceremony plus the school’s Cross Country Run. S was also running in the parents fun run component while I had initially decided not to run, but at the last minute, walked the 3.2 km with some of the other mums. It was a fun morning spent with other parents.

GG has gone to Vietnam for her school’s Humanities Learning Journey over the weekend. We went down to the airport to see them off. The house feels quiet without her. But this is something I have to start getting used to I guess since my chicks will soon start flying out of the nest.

Next week BB gets some days off in lieu of the time they will be spending at their OBS camp during the September school holidays.

2018 Week 31 Update

Nothing much to update this week. Life goes on with the usual household drama, quarrels and issues.

This week will be a shorter week because of Singapore’s National Day mid-week. This means the children only have two days of school proper. Wednesday will be a half day for them where they go to school just for the National Day Observance Ceremony and Friday will be a school holiday.

I’ve been having some really vivid dreams in the past few days, so vivid that at times it’s taken me a couple of minutes after waking up to figure out that I was dreaming and in a few cases, actually check if I had been reading about something connected to the dream before my nap/sleep. Wonder why this happens.

Ah well, here’s hoping that this week is great for all, you and me!