Poem: Faith

lord2bganeshaIshtadev is a concept in Hinduism which literally translated to “cherished divinity” and is used to term one’s favourite God from within the 33 million Gods of the Hindu pantheon.

This poem on faith is my way of paying homage to my personal God, Lord Ganesha,  whom I reach out to whenever I am sad or happy and speak to him as a friend.


You are the name I take when I wake up and take in the first sight
And the one I think of when I close my eyes for the night

I think of you throughout the day, in all that I do in every way
Folding my hands often to pray

You are my friend, philosopher and guide
I know you are always on my side

You know all my secrets, my sadness and innermost thoughts
You know exactly what it is that ties me up in terrible knots

I know that you are always there to cover my back
That you will never fail me, will always take up the slack

Thank you for being there all the time
My Lord, My God, My Ishtadev!


Poetry: Twins

This poem is inspired by BB & GG.

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Together since the day you were born

Co-owners of the same womb, fragile and small

Loving each other through thick and thin

Being the yang to the other’s yin

You are the best of friends, sharing everything

Yet, it takes but a minute to get you both to start fighting

Sharing a birthday and all the milestones of your life

Hope this is a life that does not give you any strife

You can’t live a day without each other

When one is not around, I can see the other going around as if in a blur

I love being a mum to twins

Double the hugs, double the kisses, double the love and double the laughter and grins


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Most non-Indian things about me

Recently, one of my favourite websites/apps has been Quora. I keep reading stories there and one of these threads was a nice one where people wrote about what was the most non-Indian things about them. So I thought of posting something similar here, instead of in Quora.

Race/Caste: I am completely race, caste, colour and religion blind. I believe in everyone living the life they want to live.

Food: I love foods from other cultures and try to eat different foods as much as possible. I also don’t eat the food traditionally cooked by my community all the time, I need to eat different food all the time.

Speech: I am more comfortable in English than in Indian languages. In fact, I usually speak to Indians here in English and only when I am super comfortable with them, do I start using Indian languages

Punctuality: I am very punctual everywhere. If I have to be someplace at a certain time, I am usually there 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time. If in exceptional circumstances, I become late, I always call or text the person I am meeting to let them know as much in advance as possible.

Etiquette: I always thank people for whatever they do for me. This includes my parents, husband, children and in fact anyone I come across during the day.

Clothes and Jewellery: I don’t buy Indian clothes each time I go to India or even when there’s an occasion. I don’t believe in spending thousands of rupees on clothes you would wear only a couple of times; I’d rather spend money on something I would wear again and again, even if it’s slightly more expensive. It’s the same with jewellery. I don’t like wearing jewellery and don’t even wear the traditional symbols of marriage that women in my community wear.

Cricket: Zero interest in cricket or any sport for that matter. I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a match and since here you need to pay through your nose for cable television, I don’t really see the need to spend that kind of money to watch a match!

There’s probably more, but this is all I can think of right now. I may update this post when I think of more things. In the meantime, do check out Quora’s thread (the link is in the beginning of the post)


Poetry: The Fright

The Fright

I wake up and see nothingness
Feel flustered and breathless

My heart starts pumping so loud
That’s the same as feeling you are in a shroud

I toss my hands, feeling my way all around
My nose twitching, just like a bloodhound

Just when I thought all was lost, I had lost my mind
Just when I thought I had suddenly become blind

I realised I had slept with an eye mask all night
I realised what a fool I had been, had such a fright!

Spring is Here


Spring is Here

There’s a new smell in the air
Trees, which were once bare,
Are now filled with the promise of new flair

Spring is in the air, the promise of summer not too far
The cooing of the birds, the welcoming of new babies

The bleakness of winter gives way to the lushness of spring
Because spring is the seasons’ king

I look forward to April each year
To welcome spring, to enjoy life and be here

Because I know that Spring is here!