Instagram Interludes

The last pictures from the Indian Heritage Centre


Instagram Interludes

After more than a year, I finally made it to the Indian Heritage Centre here. And surprisingly I learnt that my mum is also interested in museums like me! This museum is is very small with just two floors of the permanent exhibits and one floor which is the seasonal exhibit. The top floor consists of how Indians lived in pre independence Singapore and the level below was filled with contributions from prominent Indians across different fields. The seasonal exhibition floor was closed when we were there. The photos below are from the top floor.

Instagram Interludes

Since BB & GG are having their holidays and their commitments to school are now over, I am planning to take them to some museums around Singapore, especially since both will be doing Pure History for their O levels. Hopefully, this gives them a better understanding of the subject. In view of this, here’s a throwback to our visit to the National Museum of Singapore last year.

National Museum 1

National Museum 2

National Museum 3

National Museum 4

National Museum 5

In My Hands Today…

To Love a Sunburnt Country – Jackie French

23449436The year is 1942 and the world is at war. Nancy Clancy is 16 and left school to spend a year droving, just like her grandfather Clancy of the Overflow was famed for. Now Nancy’s family has sent her to Malaya to bring home her sister-in-law Moira and baby Gavin. Moira is British and married to Nancy’s brother Ben, who is now a soldier. Malaya is under threat from the Japanese, but despite the warnings, Moira has resisted leaving as she wants to stay near her husband.

When Malaya is invaded, Nancy, Moira and Gavin are fortunate to get out before Singapore falls. When their ship is bombed they end up stranded on an island where they, and some other colonial women, are captured. There begins the nightmare and horror of internment in a Japanese camp. Back home at Gibber’s Creek families are doing their bit for the war. They worry constantly about their men who are fighting – and now those who are missing after Singapore falls. Powerful, compelling and confronting, this is a book that pulls no punches.