2016 Week 45 Update

Somehow in the planning for the Sumangali Pooja later today, this week just zipped by. 

Last Sunday, all of us (the four of us plus S’ mum and aunt) went to the Little India district to buy some of things for the pooja like sarees and long skirts to give the people sitting in the pooja as well as some other things. The rest of the week, I was fine-tuning the recipes to be cooked as well as taking advice from my mum and mother-in-law. 

Most of the dishes are done now, the house is clean and lamps lit. The ladies will come home in a couple of hours and then (fingers crossed) everything goes well. I done the bulk of the cooking and hope they taste nice. We can’t taste the food as it has to be offered to the Gods and so cooking for such occasions is usually a test of your skills as a cook. I’ll do a proper post on this function later in the week as putting it down will not only help me later, but perhaps help others who are in a similar situation. 

I also met GG’s English teacher earlier this week as I had not met him earlier during the Parent Teacher meeting. He also had some good things to say about her, especially her command of the language and her writing style. So that is good for her, especially since she wants to further her studies in Humanities. 

I also had some issues with the photographer I had contacted in August for BB’s poonal. Early in the week, after chasing him for almost 10 days, he messaged me that he will be unable to photograph the function. I was so mad at him being so unprofessional, that I messaged him back quite a strong note. Lucky for me, some friends came through with recommendations and I have now 3 quotes which are within my budget. I’ll decide one by tomorrow. Also the original photographer came back saying he can now do it, but I will not go with him for sure!

Ok, gotta go now, cooking to complete. I took a small break to update since I have been up from 4 am cooking. More later. Have a wonderful week folks!


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